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2019 Calendars

Get your 2019 Master Gardener Calendar!

By Ann Childers and Debbie Roland, Master Gardeners

For the second year, Permian Basin Master Gardeners have been out taking pictures and gathering information for their 2019 gardening calendar. The beautiful, original color illustrations are accompanied by advice on all aspects of horticulture. The calendar also lists the monthly dates for the new and full moons. This is handy for those who follow folk wisdom of farmers generations ago.

The annual calendar sale is one of several fundraising events sponsored by local Master Gardeners. The proceeds from this and other fundraising events are used for educating Permian Basin residents in all aspects of horticulture. Calendars go on sale November 1 and can be purchased from any member. The cost of the calendar is $10.00.

It is full of local pictures and tips specifically for the West Texas area including hardscape and xeriscape ideas. Each month contains tips for that month such as when to start seeds indoors for transplanting later or when to buy those new plants for vegetable and flower gardening. There is enough room on each day to keep track of when you plant or harvest. We recommend that you also keep track of what type of plants you put in your yard so that you can see what works in your micro-environment and what does not.

If you don’t know a local Master Gardener to contact, call your local AgriLife Extension office for more information (Odessa is 498-4071 and Midland is 686-4700).


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