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2024 Master Gardener Signup

2024 Master Gardener Signup

By Debbie Roland and Emmy Ulmschneider, Master Gardeners


There are more than 84,000 Master Gardeners whose job it is to provide research based information to the public.  They do that by working in demonstration gardens, speaking at and sponsoring  events, and partnering with organizations like 4-H to bring garden and food production skills to kids and their parents.


The program brings science-based information backed by land-grant institutions which in Texas is Texas A&M University.  This gives the public information that they can trust.


People become Master Gardeners for a variety of reasons.  Some are beginning gardeners and others are more advanced and want more knowledge.  Some want to figure out how in the world to grow anything in our arid climate.  Once they learn how they are eager to pass along that information to their family, friends and the public.


The small classes provide a camaraderie that can last for years.  As members get their education and volunteer hours, become certified and involved in the local program they help expand the local organization and support the community in all areas pertaining to horticulture.  With our changing environment it is important to stay updated on the recommendations to deal with those changes.


Texas AgriLife Extension and Permian Basin Master Gardeners are organizing the 2024 training class now and we encourage you to start making plans to join us.


Classes will begin in January and are held on Thursdays at our local AgriLife offices (Midland and Odessa) beginning January 11, 2024.  Each class is 3.5 hours long.  Participants will learn about water conservation and rainwater harvesting, vegetables, plant propagation, lawn and tree care, low-water landscaping (xeriscaping), soils and fertility and identifying garden pests to name a few.


After completing the class trainees will be “interns” and will complete close to 60 hours of education and 60 hours of volunteer work during 2024 at various local Master Gardener projects.


Applications are available online at or at both local Texas AgriLife Extension offices.  Contact us in Odessa  (432-498-4171) or in Midland (432-686-4700).


If you have questions, call the AgriLife office in Odessa at 498-4071, in Midland at 686-4700 or email Sara Moran at   Additional information, and our blog for access to past articles, is available at  Click on “Resources”.



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