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Coral Vine

by Barbara Craig, Master Gardener

I’ve never understood why this beautiful vine is called “coral vine” ( Antigonon leptopus )because it is definitely PINK, a deep, hot pink! It has flourished vigorously in my garden for the last few years. As a matter of fact, it has climbed up a huge pinion tree and has gotten up to my roof and then some! I have it tumbling all over my garden and dominating everything! It dies down to the ground at the end of the winter season and then in mid- to late spring, it begins to appear everywhere from seed. Once it gets going, it really grows fast. After establishing itself, it begins to bloom tiny, delicate, watermelon-colored blooms and lots of them! The bees and butterflies love it and hover all over it. It requires almost no or very little water! I love to share this magnificent vine, so , if I haven’t moved by the time it appears in my garden, you are welcome to come get some from me. However, if I do move before that time, I’ll instruct the new owners to share the “babies” with you! 3-3-2016


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